live, love, laugh

I used to have a necklace that said LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH and wore it all through college and art school. Those were the principles I lived my life by. When I had kids I decided I needed a new set of rules. Work hard. Very hard. Do what you have to whether you like it or not. And I did. For many years. Not so much living, loving and laughing. Things got really bad.

This week I am painting 4 paintings that will pay my gas bill and car payment. Now that’s living, loving and laughing! It seems when I listen to God and he tells me to trust, have patience, and be at peace, things fall into place. Trust and patience don’t come so easily to me – and peace??? Forget it! But lately, it really does work. Trust, patience and peace seem to be the new theme in my life. And I like how it feels.

Live, love, laugh…where is that neckalce, it is high time I brought it out again! It goes well with my 3 new principles, don’t you think?

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