I have had my fair share of bad days. Days I was not sure the money would come, that I was doing the right thing, that I felt crazy for doing what I am doing. But lately, it is just so good. Yesterday after I dropped of my kids at school I began crying on the way home. Because it was so good I got overwhelmed. I was dropping my kids off at this amazing school with amazing loving teachers, going home to my studio where I knew I would be painting until 2:25pm when I picked them up, knew I would have on my music, have my dogs at my feet, and just be LIVING. It was so much goodness (Godness?) at once that I got overwhelmed. I need to remember these days when things get tough. And they will. But I have a wonderful set of friends who listen to me rant (certain mortal moms know who they are) and it will be ok again. But in the meantime, I get to be fully aware of this perfect moment where everything is flowing in the right direction and I am sailing along with it. I love when the beauty of life overwhelms me.

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