Happy Labor Day?

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why people kept asking me what I was doing this weekend. And why alot of my clients kept referring to Tuesday and midweek for deliveries. Huh? Finally my sister mentions going to the lake on Monday with her boyfriend and I ask her, “What?? Is nobody working Monday?!” Ahhhhh, Labor Day. I am working today, finishing up some paintings, sketching some new ones. Finishing my order for the store. Holidays don’t have that special feeling of relief for me anymore. And that is fine with me. That “Thank God It’s Friday!” thing? No more meaning. And that’s is ok with me too. Ya know whay? Because that, “Oh, man, it’s Sunday night, and tomorrow is Monday!” icky feeling? Don’t have that either. I love waking up everyday knowing there is not a task on my list that I don’t want to do. Sure, I can still get overwhelmed with the amount I have to do, but how amazing that I HAVE so much to do. A year ago I was working full time and painting a whole bunch of canvases with an assortment of dogs for a festival that I had no idea how my work would be received. What a year it’s been. And I am more than happy to labor on Labor Day. I hope everyone has as wonderful a day as I will today. Go enjoy!

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