100 Dogs

Last night I went by to take pictues of “Barnaby”, a very cute, wiggly, dachshund, lahsa, poodly mix. The kids loved him and Sophie decided that our dogs are way too big. What? Two huge slobbery dogs that knock her over with their tails are no good? What’s not to love??

But I digress. The reason Barnaby is special is that he is my 100th commission since last October. I can name every dog I have painted almost without looking at paperwork. I guess when you paint a portrait it just gets ingrained in your head. So here I am 11 months after beginning this adventure and at my 100th painting. Pretty cool.

Yesterday I dropped off my art at Donna Van Gogh’s (pics to come!!). My lovely husband was with me and the owner asked him what is felt like to be married to the newest emerging talent in Atlanta. Wow. That felt pretty good. It was a pretty wonderful day yesterday. After we dropped off the art and I got my fill of gushing from the owner, we ate lunch at the mexican place next door and had a mojito. Oh my….love at first sip. And Miss Scoutdog? Add sipping mojitos on a weekday afternoon with my husband to my list of guilt free pleasures!!

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