I swear…

My name is Michelle and I am addicted to taking work. Even when I don’t have the time to do it, I take it. Today I make a committment in front of everyone that I will not, after this week, take another design job until at least January, preferably after a week in the Bahamas with my honey, a good book, and a nice tropical drink filled with a lot of rum. What was I thinking???14 banner ads to do the same weekend I had to finish a brochure and my husband when out of town? Not to mention the poster design, website design, 6 paintings and having festivals to be painting for? Hello McFly!!?? I think it is high time I trust that the universe will send me the work I want and I don’t have to take everything that comes down the pike. I feel like life is tossing me about when all I want to do is have an extra hour with my kids and an extra 30 minutes to walk my dogs! Not too much to ask! Ok, back to work… oh, did you see my art in the store?? if not, go look! On my homepage! Go! Off with you! Go see my two cuties in the card section!

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