Tell someone today you love them. Be nice to a stranger, not because of what day it is, but because you should always be nice to a stranger anyway. Could you imagine the world if we could manage to act everyday like we do after a tragedy occurs instead of just one or two days a year? I see way more good in the world because I choose to. I know the nightly news is not reality, that there is way more joyful things to notice than tragic ones. We must each choose how we see the world. Choose to see the one where you look with love at a stranger and realize that they are someone with hopes, dreams and aspirations just as yourself.

“When I hear a grown man or woman say, ‘Once I had faith in men; now I have not,’ I am inclined to ask, ‘Who are you whom the world has disappointed? Have not you rather disappointed the world?’.”

~ Henry David Thoreau, Journal, 31/1 1852

Have a beautiful day.

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