Happy Friday!!

Not that Fridays have the same sacred value they used to, but if they did I would surely be crying in my coffee if I had to be in an office on a day like today. It is an absolutely gorgeous day here! I have been working since 8am and the sunlight is dappling on the leaves right outside my window, the sky is powdery blue, the birds are chirping away, Rufus is under my desk warming my feet, and I actually got to put on my favorite fall sweater because there is a lovely chill in the air! I am an html girl today finishing up a website job. I worked on paintings for a greyhound ‘Greyfest’ fundraiser last night, my husband is coming home from 8 days in NH tomorrow, (for just 1 nite-then he goes to Houston for 5 days, but I’ll take it!!) and all seems right with the world. I am promising myself I will treat myself to some sketching and a latte at the Starbucks patio in a few hours. It would be an absolute crime not to get out and enjoy this weather. These are the days I imagined when I thought about working from my home. What a wonder when you get to have a moment where you realize you have everything you’ve wanted and need. Absolutely delightful. Have a beautiful Friday!

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