enough bones to go around

So this weekend when my husband briefly came home for the day-he is already gone again…sigh…and we went to the local farmer’s market. We love going there as a family as it is always an adventure. We see the fish and lobster, try new cheese, pick out a great bottle of wine, get some gourmet chocolate, try a new fruit, you get the picture. I have been meaning for a week now to get the dogs some good hearty meat bones while I was there. You just go to the meat counter, ask em for a leg bone, and for about $1 a pound, your dog is in cow heaven. I got $8 dollars worth of bones with meat still all stuck to the bone – it is A LOT of bone! So I get home and give one to each of the dogs. I have ever done this before so I am just eager to see them go nuts. Well, Lucy, the world’s sweetest dog on the planet decides she wants both bones. She won’t let Rufus near them. I mean, these are huge, there is more than enough for each dog. All day long poor Rufus just watches Lucy. At one point I tried to give Rufus his, but he wouldn’t even accept it if Lucy was there. Then, last night I was watching tv after the kids were asleep and gave Rufus one of the bones and put it near me on the floor. He went to go sniff it and Lucy barked so loud it scared Rufus right into my lap! (Have I mentioned he is about 100lbs?? and a baby??) I figure I should not get involved and should let them work it out. Rufus, the big brave dog that he is, ended up sleeping with me last night. Still shaken up from the bark I suppose.

So here we are to this morning. I just dropped the kids off at school, have coffee brewing and I decide one last time to give Rufus his chance. I give him the bone, and this time he grabs it quick! I guess he decided this is his chance! He races to the back door, I open it and he runs out with his bone! Here is the funny part. Lucy, the greedy dog she is, runs after him! I am not kidding! She leaves her bone to go chase Rufus! They chase each other around the yard for like 5 minutes. When Lucy sees he is not giving it up she comes back up the stairs and sits on the landing watching him. He is out (in a drizzling rain I might add) sitting in the grass happily chewing on his bone-finally. Meanwhile, Lucy is so concerned with having both bones, that she has niether. She does not want to take her eyes off Rufus, so she can’t go get her bone in the liviing room.

Now I know I don’t have to point out how very human my two dogs are being and the obvious analogy that can be made. Instead, just go share your bones today! There is plenty for us all!

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