It is a rainy, chilly day here. We have been completely unaffected the past week from the big hurricane-in fact, we had so much gorgeous weather it has been amazing. But today I awoke to grey skies. What I love best about these days is the way light indoors seems to create such a cozy warm feeling. It seems to happen more in the fall and winter months and makes me feel so safe and secure somehow. It reminds me of the wonderful days of my childhood where homework was my biggest responsibility. Ah, if we only knew then, right? I have lots of work to keep me busy (almost ALL painting-yay!), my husband is back from his far off treks for a bit and the kids have a teacher work day. I can hear them in the other room laughing together and watching cartoons. My husband just brought me a coffee with frothed milk and cinnamon sprinkled on top. Right now, life is grand. And as you read this I pass this feeling on to you. Go pass it on to another and soon we will all be feeling warm, safe and and cozy.

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