home sweet home!

Ah….back at home. My husband, my dogs, my hot pot of coffee a room away, now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! But while I am glad to be back it was fun to go work onsite somewhere. I forgot about the office talk, being able to ‘talk shop’ with another designer, being able to bounce ideas off another, share music interests, share cool design sites, just TALK. I forget how silent it can be working for oneself. I go back a few days next week again and am sitting in on a big brainstorming meeting for a magazine they are having me work on. Ironically both designers are out next week and I will be manning their office alone. Sigh…it was nice while it lasted! 😉

Today I am painting like crazy for a doxie festival Sat and a golden festival Sun. I want to paint one of each breed for display and encourage people to order now for the Dec. holidays. Then next Saturday marks my one year anniversary into festival-dom!! I am SOOO excited and am having a banner made for my tent. It will look similar to the masthead of my website-lots of dogs across the top. I am trying to compete for the “best booth” display which comes with a cash award. Thank you design skills!!

Oh, another perk of working somewhere. Free stuff. Yesterday someone came in the design office, recognized me from when I had been there before and offered me two free tickets to the Thrashers season opener!! So my husband and I got a free date nite which only cost us $80 after babysitting, the crazy expensive food at Philips Arena, and the train ride to get there. Don’t ya love free stuff!? But it WAS alot of fun!! Ok, off to work…Oh who am I kidding?? Off to get my coffee! Oh, and I am wearing an old tee shirt, my comfy pj bottoms and bare feet. And I’m lovin it!!!

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