rain or shine!

Saturday I had my doxie festival! What fun! Who knew there were so many varieties of those tiny tiny weiner dogs! And I don’t think any owners will be offeneded when I say they might very well be THE most spoiled dogs I have ever seen! Just like little children when they get tired they look up, “yip!” and their (very trained) owner picks them right up. They then rest their head in a crook of an elbow and go to sleep! Amazing! This one women who was selling these very plush bags that you carry your dog in with a shoulder strap was making a killing!! It sprinkled lightly all day longer, but the turnout was amazing and all the little weiner dogs in holiday costumes kept me smiling all day long! Well that and my orders that same in! Look for a painting of three silver dappled doxies (I didn’t know either, but you can see what they look like in my painting) coming soon! Plus some very other handsome little guys!

Then yesterday I had the golden retreiver rescue which was in a gorgeous park with a huge lake. It was sunny and beautiful and I actually got a sunburn! What great dogs goldens are!! So beautiful and friendly! I did very well at this event and just had a fabulous time! I met awesome people and both people that one my gift certificates at these events were very excited and that just makes my day!

I am now very revved up for my big festival next week, and am getting all the last of my supplies. I pick up the banner for my booth tomorrow! I can’t wait! I am hoping for a beautiful weekend without rain, but as Saturday proved, rain doesn’t seem to stop too many people from getting out and having a good time when the opportunity presents itself! Once again I think, “Wow, do I really get to make people smile for a living?! Again, thank you God for my life!”

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