dream it, design it, do it

It is 12:30 am and I am finishing up some design jobs. I have a half painted canvas with an Irish Setter lurking over my shoulder that is begging to be finished. The house is so quiet. I can hear my husband in the next room snoring. It is tempting to stay up until 3am and finish it, but I have to be up at 6am to get ready to go onsite and work somewhere else. Anyone who has kept up with my blog knows I can be a bit of a workoholic. But actually, I think I am just an average person working for themself. We have to work this hard to stay in the game. To pay the bills. And, well, to be honest, the masochistic part of me really does love it.

The headline of this blog is from a Home Depot Ad that is all over yahoo right now. The tag line really caught my eye. I think it applies to everyone that wants to live a richer, more fullfilling life. Whatever it may be. First we have to dream it, then make plans and design how that life will look, finally and most importantly, we have to do it. And all this is a process. Some days I am dreaming, some days doing, some days designing my life. So often I can get caught up in one of these phases for too long and anxiety or pressure to be something else too soon sets in. I think the secret is a balancing act of all three. I am in doing it mode right now, but once the frenzy of the festivals is over and I get into a daily rhythm of painting again my brain will shift into dream mode again. I have a few things that need to be dreamed on then designed in the back of my head. And I will trust that there is a time for all that to get done one day. I am in such a place of gratitude with my life right now. To some my life may be far from perfect depending on their definition of success, but for me I am walking on clouds right now. I encourage everyone that may be reading this to keep moving forth in whatever process of your life’s plan you are in. Remember that there is a time and season for everything and trust in that. It will give you a calm and sense of knowing that you are exactly where you should be. Just don’t quit. Don’t you ever quit. As hard as it gets, you can ALWAYS be dreaming about it, and that is a very good phase to be in.

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