Ok, I am officially freaking out. I have been sooo calm the past few weeks, deciding not to stress over my festival. And last night the “maybe” demons took over! Maybe I should have done cards….Maybe I should have done magnets…Maybe I should have done more things earlier. Maybe no one will buy anything!! Arghhh! I am working onsite and am really trying hard to care about anything going on in this office! At least I did a ton of work here the past two days, so their office is in fairly good shape. I don’t know why I am surprised at any of this. I get like this (fairly insane) before small fundraisers. Of course I was going to freak before the festival that marks my one year anniversary into this whole crazy life I lead! Seriously getting dizzy. No really I am. But that is just the head/chest cold and lack of oxygen I think. I am rambling now, but now you have a clue as to how my mind sounds to me! It is crazy in here! Madness I tell you. Ok, need to go be productive and try to stay calm. Yeah. Calm. Right. Arghhhh!

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