something in the air??

Perhaps it is the crispness of Fall, the way the light hits the leaves, or just the fact that there is truly a time for everything. I notice so many people that have been struggling all summer with wondering their purpose, or exhausted by sheer desire to create, or just lack of confidence. It seems that now is the time to jump into whatever your heart is screaming out for you to try! Elena from French Toast Girl did it with her Christmas cards which are sure to be as scrumptious as she is, Claire with Lobbylu has created holiday cards as well and sold out in the first week(!!!!), Jill of Mortal Mom finished her first marathon (Wow!!), Katrina of Feisty Scribe got a children’s book deal (Yahoo!!!), and Jen of Scout Dog is now featured on Another Girl At Play (can’t think of another girl that would be a better addition!!), and the list goes on! I just finished 3 weeks of fetivals, have tons of commissions in the future and had just amazing feedback from amazing people the past few weeks. It seems that the time to find your courage and begin a dream or just something new, is so thick in the air I cannot ignore it. Last night I began a project that has been swimming in my head for months and is now screaming at me to begin it. I am taking today off and working on it again! I will let you know soon what it is. But I am very excited!! So, if any of you reading this are thinking about trying something, I would jump in and join this cosmic ride of “Yesness” that seems to be going around! Now is your time.

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