you know you are a geek when….

Ok, so my dear dad came in this past weekend and brought my kids some gifts. For Sophie he got a stuffed calico kitty cat that is her newest love in life. For Noah he got an electricity kit. Now, for those of you that don’t know, before art school I spent almost 3 years getting a physics degree before switching to art. (Yes, greatly disappointing dear dad!) So when out came the electricity kit, not just Noah’s eyes got wide but mine as well! Circuits, resistors, electrolysis!! Woohoo!! (I am not kidding, I really love this stuff!) Noah and I are peas in a pod, we get each other. He shares my love of science, math and art. So all day Saturday during my festival he kept asking, “Mom, are we doing the science experiments tomorrow?” “Yes, you betchya!” I replied. So Sunday morning, right after breakfast we got to it. We did about 7 of the books 25 experiments. We made an open circuit, then closed it and made the light bulb light up. We made a fuse then watched it blow to understand why our lights go out when I dry my hair with the coffeepot on. (We live in an OLD house!) We chemically changed salt water with an elecrtic current to show electrolysis…I guess you get the picture. I am a geek at heart and my son shares my genes. He loves art, but when he hears of places like MIT where I tell him he can do computer work and math and science all day long his eyes glaze over at the possibilities. Yup, mother and son, a couple of geeks.

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