The commissions are beginning to come in, thank goodness. Yes, the festivals went well and people said they would call, but still, you never know. Since this past weekend I have 5 new commissions for paintings and two for sculptures and an order for cards and magnets. Phew! Hopefully I don’t have to take any more freelance design work for a while, but it is nice to know it is there if I need it. I may try to get in one more festival for Nov 15th, but part of me hopes I get busy enough in the next two weeks to not have to. Although, I have begun work on some Christmas ornaments and wouldn’t mind finding a holiday show for those. I will be putting those in Donna Van Goghs to sell as well.

On another creative note, my other project is going really well and it is all I can do not to get obssessed and just focus on that completely. It is like having a really expensive piece of chocolate that you savor slowly, taking a nibble then wrapping it and having that delicious feeling that it is there waiting for you when you want it again. I love that! I LOVE painting my dogs and cats for people, but it is nice to have a break and do something else as well. Last night I said a prayer of gratitiude for everything I have been given. I am so very grateful and hope that anyone that sees my site takes away that they can do anything in this life they want to.

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