technical difficulties….

Ok, I like to think of myself as computer literate-well most of the time anyways. Ok, so here is my problem. You see from time to time I put up pics. Well, try as I might to do it through blogger (I host it myself) I can’t upload them to my blog page through blogger. I do first upload them through Dreamweaver, then try to attach them through blogger, but I always get an error that says permission denied. So when I really want a pic up here, I do it all through Dreamweaver with copying and pasting source code and it is just a big pain. And I eventually lose the picture anyway when I do another upload through blogger. Anyone know what the heck I may be doing wrong??? I am in Explorer 5.5 on a Mac OS 9. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

On another note, I finished a painting, a banner for a dog daycare and made 4 sculptures for orders yesterday and before I went to bed finished up another huge chunk of my own little project! I got some feedback on some questions from the amazing Keri Smith as well. This woman is just the epitome of what a person should be in this life: sweet, inspiring, enlightened, and helpful just because she can be. She writes these amazing essays on her site called the Wish Jar Tales that I kid you not, will change your life. It was while reading these essays a good year and a half ago that I became determined to live the life I wanted to live. If you have never seen her or heard of her, I strongly suggest you go check her site out right now! She is over on my link list. Go!

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