no time

I did it again. I over extended myself and now I am up late trying to get it all done. It is 1am and I just finished a magazine layout and am supposed to do 3 brochures. That is not going to happen though. I am working onsite tomorrow to fill in for a designer at a college again and I will try to use my lunch hour for the brochures. And I promised a painting to be delivered Friday at 6:30pm. I am working onsite all day Friday as well. I am not complaining about the abundance of work, just the lack of time for it all. Or maybe the need for sleep. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always pull the all nighters we used to in college??? Oh to have that energy again. When I stay up past 2am I wake up feeling like I have a hangover without having had all the fun the night before. Life is mean how that works!

On another note entirely, I met an amazing women today. She is a sales rep for the yellow pages and still wanted to meet with me even after I emphatically explained I have zero budget for advertising. She is just one of those people you instantly connect with. She said she woke up at 3:30am and decided to give me a free ad. Ok…. What is the catch??? She says that she is allowed to give out a few free ads to certain customers to help get ads in the book. For whatever divine reason she decided to give it to me. So I am getting an almost $1200 ad for free. Crazy! But I will take it! And after dicussing my future plans with her she said some things that yet again confirmed what I am doing on my personal project that is going wonderfully. I love when the universe conspires along with you when you are on the right path!!

And in one final note, the teeny tiny sculptures I made for my daughter are just too cute not to share. I am thinking Christmas ornaments….And again, need more time!!

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