love is….

Waking up an hour early to get the kids ready for school by yourself and taking them so that I can sleep in an extra hour because I worked late the night before, then waking me up after you get back with a hot cup of coffee with the milk frothed the way you know I like it.

Looking at every painting after I am done and exlaiming, “Isn’t THIS one the cutest one yet??” (and always agreeing.)

Listening to every single marketing idea I have…over and over and over again.

Putting up with two huge crazy beasts for dogs even when you are not a dog person because you know I am.

Cleaning the kitchen.

Making me amazing dinners because you know I would just eat cereal instead of cook.

Doing the laundry.

Not complaining that I am messy. (Although, there IS order to my chaos!!)

Not complaining when I stay up late to work…again.

Scanning in my sketches for me.

Cutting down wood for me.

Telling me I am beautiful even when I am covered in paint, have not showered in a day and am wearing old sweatpants.

Listening to my crazy dog stories.

Picking up canvas from one side of town and paint on the other side of town for me.

Playing legos with the kids when I need to meet a deadline.

Rubbing my shoulders and feet every single night.

Kevin, you are my rock. Without you this all means nothing. I love you.

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