upside down world

I can remember as a kid laying on the couch and hanging my head off the edge so I was looking at everything upside down. To me the world looked so different. So intriguing. So much better than the world I had to live in on my feet. I imagined walking on the ceiling, and in general just getting to be different than everybody else. Now, I had a very pleasant childhood, without any tramatic events, I consider myself very lucky. But when I would look at my upside down world I imagined that there was more to this life. Something much more exciting. It was just a feeling of knowing there were wonderful, exciting things to see and do out there and I knew that I controlled getting to them all. I still feel that way. There is so much I can’t wait to see and do. Maybe now as an adult I have begun to live in my upside down world. Because now I don’t have to hang off of the edge of a couch to see and feel all the possibilities around me. I still have to patient about the when part though-and that is ok. For now my life tends to bring me just into the next room where my computer and easel are, but I know eventually it will bring me on some really fantastic adventures. Not sure when or how, but someday. And maybe sooner than later. I’ve been allowed in the past year to look at the world from a different angle and I have come to love the view from here. Ups and downs included. Amazing what a little shift in perspective can bring about.

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