celebrate the moment

Yesterday I began my day with a morning run with my two frieght trains, er, I mean dogs. (Kept my time good anyway!) As I was running, once I caught my breath and could pace with dogs thinking they were apparently training for the Iditerod, I was able to notice what an absolutely breathtaking day it was. I was thankful for the meetings and errands I had to do because surely no human being was meant to be indoors on a day such as this! After my run, I got ready for the day and grabbed the paintings to deliver and everything else I needed. I brought my trusty Be Good Tanyas (Chinatown) and was off. I am surprised I didn’t get in a car accident because of my constant looking at the sky and trees, and all the saturated, gorgeous colors around me. It really was a day to celebrate. I really felt so lucky to be alive, lucky to be able to be out in it, observing it. At the end of my errands I stopped to buy flowers. I just had to bring some of this beauty into my home. I purchased 3 perfect scarlet gerber daisies to celebrate this gorgeous day. They have been smiling at me all night and all day as I pass them and made what might have been a moment of delight during the day last and last. I really need to remember to celebrate more often!

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