lemons into lemonade

Ok, so my husband and I share a car. Usually no big deal since I work out of the house. Yesterday I had a meeting planned at the Starbucks in the town square (yes, it is as cute and quaint as it sounds!) about a mile and a half from our house. My husband had a photoshoot switch from Saturday to Sunday. I realized the conflict as I was about to fall asleep Saturday night. I also realized I only had a work contact number for the woman. So after the minor hrumphing and grumbling, I decided it was time for my kids and I to have an adventure anyway. We all bundled up and set out for the square. Do you know when you get really annoyed at a situation and it ends up being just amazing? It was one of those. It was a gorgeous day and we looked at all the beautiful colors around us. We played ‘I spy’ and looked forward to our hot chocolate with whipped cream once we got there. When we got there we had some extra time and my kids drew portraits of me and other coffee shop patrons. Very cute and very fun! When my client arrived they sat in a separate table and drew…together and QUIETLY! Any of you with two children about 5 and 7 will understand the significance of that statement. Or anyone who has SEEN two siblings that age will too! After my meeting we went next door to the folk art store and they each picked out an ornament for the tree we had put up in their room. I loved watching them peruse every single ornament in the place! They had to make sure they picked out exactly the right one. Sophie got a cat and Noah got a dog. (by local artists of course!) Then we walked home and collected the leaves we had seen on the way. That afternoon we made them into ornaments for the tree. It turned out to be a fantastic day and I was so very grateful for this amazing time with my children. I love when situations that initially irritate you end up being a memory you know you will treasure forever.

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