Holiday Cheer!

Today is so nice and cozy. It is rainy and grey and the coffee is hot and tasty. I have mulling spices simmering so that the whole house smells like Christmas! Tonite is my kid’s holiday pageant – always fun. And as corny as it is, I cry every time I see my kids onstage. It will be a fun night. Also in the Christmas spirit, I have posted an illusration I did that will be out holiday cards. There is Lucy and Rufus in their usual positions!

Right now I am finishing up a poster design then have to finish up a painting to deliver later today. Oh! That reminds me of my cool story to tell you! Tuesday night I was dropping off a painting to a woman and when I got there she said, “I went over to my neighbors the other day and walked in their foyer and there was one of your paintings!” I asked what the dog’s name was and upon hearing it was Lacey, I knew it was the Irish Setter I had painted about a month ago. These neighbors both did not realize they had me commission a painting, and I did not know where Lacey’s mom lived. She had picked up her painting at my home. So how cool is it that two different people ordered from me that live across from each other?? I realize that in the past year I have done almost 200 paintings so my work is really getting out there, but that was really a cool thing to happen!!

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  1. I enjoy hat you guys aree up too. This kind of clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the awesome works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to
    my blogroll.

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