it’s official…

Well, on Saturday I turned 31. So it’s official. I am now ‘in my thirties’. It was a nice birthday weekend. I worked at a small local holiday festival here in Decatur on Saturday and Sunday. I love this little town. The people that live here really support the local artists. Even with the dreary weather, I made a nice little profit. A bunch of people bought gift certificates and holiday cards. The best part however, was getting to know the fabulous other artists at the show. They were a really creative and friendly group and I felt really lucky to get to know them over the past two days! At the end we all traded art with each other, so for the first year in many, many years my family won’t have to get my art for Christmas! They can finally have some wonderful art from other people!

In other work news, I am happy to report that if I stick to my schedule and I get everyone to pick up their paintings from me instead of having to deliver, I should finish my last painting this Saturday. It means pretty much non stop painting until then, but it will be really really nice to be able to relax the few days before Christmas. So with that being said, I have THE cutest bearded collie ever to finish up and get in the mail to Boston!

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