getting there…

Still on schedule to finish on Saturday. I am pretty much running on adrenaline at this point. So many marathon painting sessions will do that to you. I am surprised I don’t have carpel tunnel! Yesterday I did get to take a break though. My husband has come down with a nasty bug of some sort, so he has been bed-ridden the past day. Normally he drops the kids off, picks them up and generally plays with them after school so I can conitnue to paint. Yesterday, as he was so sick, I picked up the kids. After school we made cookies and laughed and danced in the kitchen to some Lyle Lovett. (love him!) We had a great time and it was such a nice unexpected break. I am of course, sorry my husband had to feel so sick for this to happen, but it was a sweet time with my kids. I did, however, pay the price. I was up until 2am to stay on schedule. But it was worth it. And again, when you love what you do, it is not really so hard to stay up late painting. Plus, Saturday night I intend on celebrating in a nice warm bubble-filled bath. My best friend sent me a birthday package that included Zen tea, candles, bubble bath, a bunch of great books, and new cute jammies! Ahhhh, Saturday…it is like the carrot in front of my nose getting me through the week. Well, that plus knowing these are Christmas presents and they HAVE to get done!

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