what day is it??

Ok, so I am a bit crazed and just realized today that my kid’s last day of school until Jan 6th is tomorrow. I totally thought they had school next week. I found out at my daughter’s class party today. Yeah, ok, that was a bit embarressing. Um, no Mrs. Abeyta her last day is tomorrow. Ok, so I am a tad scatterbrained these days. I am leaving in 15 mintues to go deliver 3 paintings at Starbucks where I will be getting one final coffee of the night although I think I may need to eat as I can’t recall if I actually ate today. 3 paintings left. 3 paintings left. It is a mantra. Ya know what keeps me going? The reactions. The smiles. It is a natural high I am completely addicted to! I have no time to post new paintings, so I am attaching a triptich of a farm scene someone ordered for their mother of her two horses and dog. I love how it turned out. It is 3 6×8’s. Remind me tomorrow to tell you how my two dogs are now masters of escape and I have had to hunt them down twice and met 3 new neighbors who have returned them. Yeah, I need to be hunting down these two numskulls right now! Good thing they are so darn cute!

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