and last but not least…

I didn’t meet my self-imposed Saturday night deadline. I finished last night (or this morning?) at 3:30am. I have one last painting to be picked up. The painting above is the last painting I will do for the year 2003. Can you tell which dog is head of that household?? lol! I have yet to tally the paintings for this year and will do that the week I have off after Christmas. As well as post them all to my commissions page. I know this holiday season was twice as busy as last year’s and I painted about 20 paintings in the past 15 days. Phew! It was a tremendously satisfying and fun year and one of the best parts was the new online friends I made this year since starting this blog. I have lots of new exciting projects to get going on first thing in January and I will share them as they come up. Once big one that I have had to put on the back burner is now just screaming at me to finish it up. I can hardly wait to see what is ahead for me. I really enjoy having no idea what my future holds. It keeps my days full of hope and promise. Paychecks every two weeks can come in handy a lot of the time, but when all is said and done I still enjoy the rush getting in that job or commission that means I can stay self-emplyed one more month. My goal for the new year however, is to have an actual savings account! I know, loftly goals, but I think I can do it! Have a very happy holiday everyone! I will be back after Christmas!

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