final tally…

Ok, so we (ok, my husband) did laundry all day long getting ready for our trip. That night when I finally got my bath ready, full of bubbles and lovely smells, with my hot tea handy and new book, this bath- the promise of which helped me get through the week – was luke warm. Bah! No hot water left for me. Double bah! What a let down. So I put on some snuggly pj’s and hopped into our new king size bed with cuddly flannel sheets (my birthday present from my parents! side note: if you want a new bed have your parents sleep in your fullsize bed you have had for way too long during a visit!) I ready some of my book, sipped my wonderful zen tea (another present from my best friend who also provided all the delicious smells for my bath – lukewarm, bah!) But then my mind got to wondering. Still thinking about work. How many paintings did I paint this year? How many this month? It seemed like a lot, but how many? I pulled out my files. I keep all my client information and sketches in files and various journals. I figured out why I was so busy since the week of Thanksgiving. From the Monday before Thansgiving up until this past Sunday I painted 37 paintings!No wonder I was tired. I counted 97 for the year so far and quit before I made it back to February’s paintings last year. No wonder I’m tired! Merry Christmas everyone! Talk to you after the big, red, jolly man comes!!

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