home again, home again

Wow, a week is gone. It flew by. I read, slept, napped, bubble-bathed, and just relaxed. Now my babies come home! I spent almost 3 hours cleaning their room. How do kids get things so messy?? I have a huge bag by the curb to prove I did it! They got to go to NYC and D.C. with my parents. Noah was so proud to tell me he saw the Pentagon (which did I know has 5 sides?!?) and Sophie exclaimed she got to see ‘George Lincolnton’ in the Lincoln Memorial! Love those kids! I am so excited to see them today, we leave in about an hour to get them. The picture above was when we were sprinkling ‘reindeer food’ on Christmas Eve. I love this picture of Soph. She has all the magic on her face that every child should at Christmas. I was not sure if Noah was still completely convinced of Santa’s exiistence until I caught him looking out the window about 30 times on Christmas Eve to see if the magic food was still on the ground or if Rudolph had been by. If a heart could burst from loving too much, I am sure mine would from those two!

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