Rainy days…

I got my dogs all excited to go running this morning only to find out it was raining. Hopefully it is just a rain delay and I can take them out later. So for now it is quite the cuddly tea drinking morning. My kids, for whatever strange reason, are actually playing…together! I have two adorable basset hounds to finish painting and a few emails to return. Vacation is over for me, but I found out last night the kids have one more day. Way to go mom! I thought school started today and had their clothes ready last night and everything until my husband said he thought they did not start back today. Huh? And it is not like I keep any school calendars around so after looking it up on the website I found out that they go back tomorrow. Ah well, one more day of playing for them. But I have to start back to work today. I am actually having list withdrawel. Last night I made my first “to do” list before I went to bed in well over a week. And it felt sooo good!

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