Advenures on rollercoasters…

I read yesterday that “adventure is discomfort in retrospect” in Keri’s blog. Well than I am having adventure’s all over the place! Some personal, some work related, but if yesteday was lousy, then today was strange. I have always said I am open to trying new things and seeing where life takes me. I may have to do just that. I know this sounds somewhat cryptic, but trust me, the details are overwhelming and not explainable in a blog. A book, maybe, a blog entry, no. I have been on a rollercoaster the past two days and I think I may be on this ride for a bit longer. So I will choose to enjoy the anticipation of the ups and the queasy feeling of the quick downs. And when I get off, catch my breath and steady my head I will tell you all about it. Until then Miss Sonora, a gorgeous greyhound is staring at me on canvas wanting to be finished to go hang in her mom’s home.

Oh, but yesterday one great thing did happen. The local pet newspaper that I advertise in (Critter Chatter) asked me to write a testamonial for them since they have brought me in quite a nice bit of business. I was more than happy to agree, especially when they asked me to include a pic! Nothing like some good old-fashioned free advertising! Here is me yesterday and if you look close you can see the basset hound painting I did Monday. I will post that shortly. I painted this awesome dog house that they have complete with lit porch in it. As a matter of fact, my goofy dogs are getting a cutomized ‘double-wide’ as a trade out for the painting! Woohoo! I will be sure to post pics of that as soon as it is done! I told the guy not to paint it so I can choose all the colors myself.

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