Waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for work is no fun. January, as many of you self-employed peoples out there know, is usually slow. People are either paying off bills or scrambling with taxes. I have calls into my graphic design temp agency, resumes out to various folks for different things (Maybe even full-time! But the job would, I dare say, be worth it) I also have people deciding on paintings to commission – a possible very big order, waiting to hear feedback on my children’s book. So the waiting continues and we eek by day by day getting just enough money in to pay a bill that is due. I have absolute faith and trust that this will pass and things will get back on track to their usually busy, cheery ways. But in the meantime I tend to second guess just about every career choice I ever made. I should never have quit persuing my degree in the sciences! I should never have freelanced out of art school! I should have taken that full-time job. I should never have quit that full-time job. I should never have….the list goes on and on. Awful. I need to instead remember all the great things all those “wrong” choices HAVE gotten me. Like today. I was able to go help out my daughter’s kindergarten class with their hundred days celebration. Her little face was so bright and happy all day long because mommy and daddy got to be there. One day it I won’t be nearly so cool and I will be dropping her off at the movies…a block away. So no more pouting and boo-hoo-ing. There are plenty of things to be doing. Marketing and self-promotion, getting ready for a show in February, finishing up a few paintings that I am embarressed to admit are actually late. Funny how when I have the least amount of work to do I am the least productive. Ok, time to end this rant and pull up the bootstraps. My whine session is done, aren’t you glad?

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