Goodbye January!!!

Ah the 9-5 working world. I have never been more grateful for it! I am working onsite all this week (and the end of last week) And just as I suspected, work has been picking up at a rapid pace. A poster, a logo design, a menu design, two paintings, and a website. Ahhhh…. I am a girl that thrives on multi-tasking. Plus I am going to hang a show that will be up the month of February at a local Starbucks tonight. Last year I had a show the same month and it was fantastic. It brought in quite a bit of commissions and gave me the official title of the “Starbuck’s Dog Lady!” As in, “Oh, YOU’RE the Starbuck’s Dog Lady! I’ve seen your art!”

I am so glad that the tide is turning. January was brutal. But I have probably done enough marketing and contacting people that I am good to go for 6 months! I am sooo happy a new month is here! Yay February!

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