filling the hours

So, the dry spell is over and both my husband and I seem to be non-stop working again. Phew! And so he left at 7am Sunday morning not to be home until very late. That left a day to play. And while I do love Candyland, after about 4 games it gets a tad old. And it is NO fun telling your 5 year old who was just about to win for the first time that day, that they have to go all the way back to Plum Fairy’s forest. (you mom’s out there know that is NO picnic!) So it was up to me to find something we could all enjoy and would take longer than 10 mintues to do. Plus find an activity that both my children who seem to have nothing on this earth in common except that they have the same two parents, can play TOGETHER. And so a puppet show came to be. One with Princess Sophia Louise and her very french poodle Fifi, Sir Knight Noah with his mighty shield and sword (“and that feather thing-that goes on top of his helmet, Mom, don’t forget that!”) and the evil dragon Grendal (they let me pick the name since I had to be him – are they trying to tell me something?) They practiced for hours and in the end took over my part so that when Daddy got home we could both watch in the audience. The play itself was fairly chaotic, but I can tell in their minds it was a just-off Broadway success. They asked me if we could do it again next weekend and I was amazed that we got through an entire day with no (ok, not too much) bickering between the two most opposite children on the planet.

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