a story about a dress…or is it

Ok, girls (I doubt many boys read this site, but if they do I apologize for the generalization) we have all done this. My husband and I are going out for Valentine’s Day. We just got past a rough month and I am ready for a nice evening out. I already told said husband I want to be wined and dined, have surprises and gifts. We are even going to a special valentine’s art exhibit at the High Museum! After all, a girl deserves complete pampering every once in a while and what better day to do it?! So yesterday we are at a store for my husband to get some new pants for a job interview. I am looking around at the dresses. (MUST have new dress for romantic night, right?) So I see it. THE dress. I know without an inkling of a doubt that is will look perfect. PERFECT. I make a mental note to come back to that store the following day and get it. Then we go to another store because hubby can’t find pants he likes. I peruse the dresses here. Hmmm, that dress is cute, that one might work. The other perfect dress seems less perfect now, maybe it wasn’t THE dress after all. Hubby finds some great pants at a great price and home we go. I think, ok, I will come back here and go to both stores tomorrow. Cut to today. AI decide, as I leave the house, that I will go to another store in the complete opposite direction and look there. I mean, I am sure they will have a dress at least as good as the others. I try on 3 then 6 then 8. I give up. Wait! Maybe skirts and tops. I find a maybe dress and a could be skirt and top, but they don’t FEEL right. They are ok, but not not perfect. I put them on hold and leave the store. Then, I go ALL the way across town back to the original stores. And STILL I don’t go into the one where the maybe perfect dress was. Nope. I go to the second one and try on about 6 more dresses. Nope. I leave. I am frustrated because I know what is about to happen. I am going to go back to the first stinkin’ store and try on that perfect dress and discover it was indeed perfect. And that is EXACTLY what happened. I laughed in the dressing room at the absurdity of not trusting my instict the first moment I knew that this dress was “the one” and how much time it would have saved me if I had listened. I did the ‘at home test’ and tried it on here. I loved it even more. It is THE perfect dress for my romantic date. And I have to wonder, how much time and aggravation would we save ourselves if we would just trust that little voice or feeling inside of us when we just KNOW something is right for us.

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