I love Lloyd

Here he is. His face is really that sweet and he really did line up dolls like that. Didn’t chew them, just lined them up. I will give a print of this to his owner, but I won’t knock on the door. I will just leave it on the porch. I am too scared Lloyd won’t be there. But at least I know he had a great day at my house. Crazy dog house.

Email me at michelle@abeytacreative.com if you want a print of Lloyd. I will just charge $1.00 for postage. We can figure out details on payment options once you email me. The print will be a hi-end laser on gloss 8.5×11 paper suitable to frame.

Now don’t wait for your adventure to happen to you, go help it along!

Gorgeous Friday

I should be drying my hair and getting out the door to go to my freelance job right now, but this gorgeous Friday is making me linger a bit more in my office. This job is a wonderful thing right now, and having only my nights to work on my art has kept me wonderfully productive. But when the sky is so blue and the sunshine so warm, it is awfully hard to drive to another office where I have to sit for 8 hours. But the checks I get at the end of the week certainly help ease the pain. 🙂

Lloyd will be done this weekend and for anyone that reads my blog and emails me, I will send you a free print. That’s right, a free 8×10 of beautiful Lloyd to remind you to make your own adventures. So once it is up for you to see, and if you think it would be something to inspire you, email me to let me know. I would love to send it your way. It is my way of saying thank you to all the people that enjoy reading my ramblings about life and encouraging me with my art.

Ok, better git. Hair is still wet and time is ticking. Hey, at least I get to have my “Yippee, it’s Friday feeling!” (you don’t get that when you work from home, everyday is like Friday!)

Have an amazing, gorgeous day everyone!

busy days

Working tons lately and loving it. My festival last Saturday went really well. I made some baby tees and layettes with dogs and cats on them and they sold well. I was excited by that. I will put them up on my site soon and am bringing them by the store tonite. I have done the initial sketch for Lloyd and and may sell prints of it, it is turning out really sweet and I will post it soon. Until then, here is another illustration of Lucy in Cork, Ireland right before she goes to kiss the Blarney Stone. I may be late, but at least I got the right month!

Cosmo’s Adventure

Last night a sweet golden retreiver turned up on our porch. He was older and seriously just about the sweetest dog ever. Sophie dubbed him “Cosmo” and we let him settle in for the night. I called a vet to arrange to have him scanned for a microchip and made a flyer to post the next morning. Cosmo is a cuddler with a fondness for stuffed animals. Not chewing them, just methodically carrying them out of the kid’s room and lining them up in the living room. When I went to bed he jumped up on the bed, layed his head on the pillow and refused to move. I had a feeling he was not feeling very well and let him stay. Besides Rufus acting like a jealous boyfriend and the fact that I felt outnumbered, things went smoothly. This morning I posted flyers and just about 30 minutes ago his owner called. ‘Cosmo’ is really Lloyd and yesterday he was scheduled to be put down, but when his owner got home found out Lloyd had gotten out of the backyard. He has terminal cancer. I could tell he was sick, and even told my husband that I thought he didn’t have long to live. (which is why my husband allowed him to sleep on the bed) Even though my gut told me this was the case, I still felt so sad to hear it. I looked into this loving dogs eyes and could tell he knew what was going to happen soon as well. I think he had his last hurrah at our crazy dog house and I am glad I let him sleep in the bed. I guess Lloyd just did what we would all do if we knew our days were numbered, go out and find one last adventure. I think I will paint a portrait of Lloyd today to look at and remind me that we need to go and make our adventures happen sometimes.

and some days it all makes sense

Yesterday we planted a butterfly garden. My daughter and I cleared a spot, put down bricks in a pretty pattern then the whole family walked over to the flower shop down the street. My son and daughter each picked out two kinds of flowers sure to attract butterflies. (“Says so on the label!” my son excitedly exclaimed. Then he fell in love with a hummingbird feeder so we got that too. We got bunches of terra cotta pots to put them all in and set off back home. After a few hours, the cutest little pot garden appeared. We spent the rest of our gorgeous Sunday Spring cleaning inside and out. Threw out 4 huge bags of stuff an my husband tidied up our messy winter yard. Everything feels lighter now. I went to bed feeling very calm and peaceful. At 2am I awoke to Sophie crying. She had been coughing during the day and said she had a scratchy throat. I had given her medicine and she was her normal a million miles an hour self. But in the middle of the night an ear infection (I think) started up. I slept with her all night, her little curled up hand in mine. As she fell back asleep she kept checking to see if I was there. I promised her I wouldn’t leave and she fell asleep with a smile on her face despite the pain I knew she ws in. This morning we sent the boys to work and school and I rescheduled an appointment. I will take her to the doctor later. I just gave her breakfast on the couch while she gets to watch Clifford. (perks of being at home and sick) I am going to go now and have coffee while I cuddle with my daughter and smile as I realize THIS was why I have always wanted to work for myself. Because when my child is sick I can be with her. I can stop my life for a few hours or a day or whatever and be there for her. And that is all I have ever really wanted. For my life to revolve around my family, because for me, that is what life is really all about.

how much fun was that???

Yesterday I went and talked about my art at Jake’s Ice Cream. Here I am drawing for the kids at the ice cream shop. It was so much fun and these kids just loved my art. They were a terrific bunch of kids and really made my day!

I loved looking back at the pictures and seeing faces on kids at different points. I love this little girls reaction to the book I wrote – it is the dummy book that is at the publishing houses now.

Every kid there (and one adult) got a drawing by me. Here are some of the kids with their drawings.Too much fun!!

Could I be any luckier???

busy, busy bee

It seems like I am so busy lately. I am done with the few weeks of onsite design work and back at home playing catch up. I have been working on a newsletter that I have created and designed with a groomer friend of mine. It is at the print shop now. Oh yeah, the print shop is my dining room. I have set up a temporary work station in there just for the newletters. I think it is more than I bargained for, but what the heck, you only live once right? Seriously, it is quite a bit more more than I anticipated, but it is the first go around. I will be printing night and day for the next few days. And I am thanking my lucky stars that we agreed to only do this once every two months! I hope it is successful for everyone that bought advertising!

In other news I am giving a demonstration at a new local ice cream shop that opened up in our neighborhood. There are flyers all over the town square for it. I am hoping it has a good turn out. I love talking about my art with kids. Plus I get free ice cream! Woo hoo! I will have pics Friday showing the event. (unless of course it is just me in an empty room!)

I also have my first festival of the Spring season this Saturday. I am hoping for a nice day and a good turn out. I have some product ideas that I am making today and seeing how they sell (or don’t). It seems I have a whole lot going on lately and I feel like I am not quite in control. You ever feel like life is kinda running you, you are not running your life? I feel that way the past few weeks. Lots of good things are happening, so it is not that I am not satisfied with work, it is just this sense of chaos I guess. In my head I picture me in this fabulous studio, working all day, music on and getting project after project done. It seems so charming and peaceful. Then I look around at my actual studio/office, the piles of supplies, the deadlines I meet just in the nick of time, and music?? I am lucky if I can find where the heck I put my favorite cd in the craziness that is my home. Two huge dogs, two kids, a husband and house that despite all the nose twitching I do will not clean itself, are not exactly conducive to the fantasy in my head. I guess I need to just embrace the chaos and be thrilled that I do manage to somehow get things done for people. That, or really work on my organizational skills. A bit of both I suppose, huh? 😉