Spring is in the air!

Finally had a day here that got up to 70 degrees! I hadn’t realized how much the weather was making me not really depressed, but just blah. Lots of rain and even snow a few days ago. I was so grateful for the sunshine today. I have been working onsite the past week and also next week. I have to admit I am already over the 9-5 thing except for the catered luncheon last Friday and the bagels and coffee this morning. Perks I don’t ever give myself! Usually breakfast consists of coffee and the crusts I cut off of the kid’s sandwiches I made that day for their lunch. Yum!

I have had lots of freelance work and the onsite job has meant lots of night work again. I am so grateful for it and I am not complaining a bit! I just got in 2 sculpture commissions and 2 more paintings. I am delivering a painting I just finished tomorrow. Also I am starting a newsletter with a local groomer in town and whcih we are finishing up this week and hopefully will have it in the mail next week. She has a mailing list of 1400 dog and cat owners. Not to shabby a number to make sure your info is getting directly into the right hands! And it helps ease the sting of opening Atlanta Magazine’s newest issue that featured page after page of pet vendors including 2 of the other big portrait artists in Atlanta. But I am not bitter. Noooooo. Do I wonder how the heck they got chosen? Do I wonder why them and not me? Do I think, that is SO not fair!? Sure I do. But bitter? Uh, no. Not bitter at all. (please note that there was quite a sarcastic tone in my head as I just typed that.) Hurumph! I try to tell myself that it is just their time and mine will come. But seriously, each of these artist (who are quite good) had two FULL PAGE COLOR ADS of one of their portraits. But I am not jealous. Nope. Not one bit.

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