Do you believe in what you are selling?

Ok, I admit it. I love the show, The Apprentice. The Type A in me completely relates. I don’t normally watch reality tv, I am much more a Law& Order junkie when I can squeeze in the tube time. But I have made an exception for this reality show. Tonite Donald Trump talked about believing in what you are selling. He said that unless you 100% believe in what you are selling with all your heart, you are dead in the water. I sat with that statement. The entire show I just kept hearing the phrase. In the end the team that chose to sell the product that had the higher price tag per item (in this case artwork) failed miserably. They chose the artist based on how much she sold her art for, not whether they actually liked the art or not. While the team that chose the artist and art they loved made $13,000 off the art gallery show. They loved the art and it showed as they described the work to potential buyers. The artist they chose was much, much lower in price per piece than the other artist, but because the group’s heart was with the art they were able to really “sell” it. At one point in the show a gallery owner says that art is a business, a subjective business, but a business nontheless. What a fine line that creates when trying to make a hopefully good living from what you love to do. You need to treat your passion like a business while at the same time not be doing it for the money. Artists have a dilema that many other people don’t.

As much as some of us artists don’t want to believe it, it is true. Well, if we do in fact want to make a living out of it. Lately here and there I have had thoughts of wondering what in the heck I am doing. But most of the time I am determined to keep plugging along until I get the book deal, the licensing deal, or just get noticed in general. I believe in what I am selling. I believe in painting fun, whimsical, even child-like paintings that don’t fit into any particular genre soley for the purpose of making people smile. I have painted so many paintings for people that do “get me and my art.” It is ok that some people (in the business world) have not gotten it yet. I am not going anywhere and neither is my art. And I would have quit a long time ago if I was just doing this for the money. These silly dogs just make me so darn happy to paint I cannot imagine life without them! And it sure helped to read, as I sit and wait for publishers to let me know what they think of my book proposals that Dr. Seuss was rejected 26 times before he got his first book deal. He certainly believed in what he was selling, and look at his legacy. He believed in making children of all ages smile with clever rhyme and rhythm.

So I ask, all the people that want to make a living from their dream or whatever goal they want in this life, “Do you believe in what you are selling?”

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