busy, busy bee

It seems like I am so busy lately. I am done with the few weeks of onsite design work and back at home playing catch up. I have been working on a newsletter that I have created and designed with a groomer friend of mine. It is at the print shop now. Oh yeah, the print shop is my dining room. I have set up a temporary work station in there just for the newletters. I think it is more than I bargained for, but what the heck, you only live once right? Seriously, it is quite a bit more more than I anticipated, but it is the first go around. I will be printing night and day for the next few days. And I am thanking my lucky stars that we agreed to only do this once every two months! I hope it is successful for everyone that bought advertising!

In other news I am giving a demonstration at a new local ice cream shop that opened up in our neighborhood. There are flyers all over the town square for it. I am hoping it has a good turn out. I love talking about my art with kids. Plus I get free ice cream! Woo hoo! I will have pics Friday showing the event. (unless of course it is just me in an empty room!)

I also have my first festival of the Spring season this Saturday. I am hoping for a nice day and a good turn out. I have some product ideas that I am making today and seeing how they sell (or don’t). It seems I have a whole lot going on lately and I feel like I am not quite in control. You ever feel like life is kinda running you, you are not running your life? I feel that way the past few weeks. Lots of good things are happening, so it is not that I am not satisfied with work, it is just this sense of chaos I guess. In my head I picture me in this fabulous studio, working all day, music on and getting project after project done. It seems so charming and peaceful. Then I look around at my actual studio/office, the piles of supplies, the deadlines I meet just in the nick of time, and music?? I am lucky if I can find where the heck I put my favorite cd in the craziness that is my home. Two huge dogs, two kids, a husband and house that despite all the nose twitching I do will not clean itself, are not exactly conducive to the fantasy in my head. I guess I need to just embrace the chaos and be thrilled that I do manage to somehow get things done for people. That, or really work on my organizational skills. A bit of both I suppose, huh? 😉

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