and some days it all makes sense

Yesterday we planted a butterfly garden. My daughter and I cleared a spot, put down bricks in a pretty pattern then the whole family walked over to the flower shop down the street. My son and daughter each picked out two kinds of flowers sure to attract butterflies. (“Says so on the label!” my son excitedly exclaimed. Then he fell in love with a hummingbird feeder so we got that too. We got bunches of terra cotta pots to put them all in and set off back home. After a few hours, the cutest little pot garden appeared. We spent the rest of our gorgeous Sunday Spring cleaning inside and out. Threw out 4 huge bags of stuff an my husband tidied up our messy winter yard. Everything feels lighter now. I went to bed feeling very calm and peaceful. At 2am I awoke to Sophie crying. She had been coughing during the day and said she had a scratchy throat. I had given her medicine and she was her normal a million miles an hour self. But in the middle of the night an ear infection (I think) started up. I slept with her all night, her little curled up hand in mine. As she fell back asleep she kept checking to see if I was there. I promised her I wouldn’t leave and she fell asleep with a smile on her face despite the pain I knew she ws in. This morning we sent the boys to work and school and I rescheduled an appointment. I will take her to the doctor later. I just gave her breakfast on the couch while she gets to watch Clifford. (perks of being at home and sick) I am going to go now and have coffee while I cuddle with my daughter and smile as I realize THIS was why I have always wanted to work for myself. Because when my child is sick I can be with her. I can stop my life for a few hours or a day or whatever and be there for her. And that is all I have ever really wanted. For my life to revolve around my family, because for me, that is what life is really all about.

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