leavin’ on a jet plane….

Ok, well not until Sunday morning….but still. I managed to get to just about all the zealous, self-imposed deadlines I had. And I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I am a list nazi. I make em all day long, everyday. Then, when I can’t get to all of them (which would be physically impossible anyway!) I have a feeling of guilt at the end of the day. Why do I do this??? Why not just make a reasonable list? Why not make lists that I know I can do? Noooooo…..I must ask myself to do unrealistic amounts of work. I am the worst boss I have ever had. No one else ever made me work unitl midnight, 1, or 2am every night for 2 weeks in a row. No one else EVER made me multi-task like I do now. (well unless you count kids) But when I do demand so much of myself so much does get done. Even despite the things on the list that don’t get done – and in the back of my mind I do know the ones I can let slip – I am surprised at how much I can accomplish. But if I don’t make my list….I am like a lost puppy dog. My mind wanders, I end up cleaning the kitchen instead of finishing up that sculpture, I walk the dog instead of finishing up that logo, or I do the laundry…oh who am I kidding I don’t do laundry! ( hubby does that!) So in the end I love my lists. It is a love hate thing. You other list nazi’s get that. So while I didn’t get to a few things, I will feel really good about getting on that plane to Dallas on Sunday.

So after tomorrow’s festival I pack. I go see my best friend of 10 years and her new baby. (Ok, he is 18 months old now but he is new to me!) We met in art school. She is the kind of best friend that you know you will be friends with for the rest of your life despite distance, life’s rough times, or life’s good times. We are there for each other no matter what. I graduated art school 7 months pregnant. She was in the process of divorce, living alone with her two kids 3 and 5 years old in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I was in awe of her strength and we supported each other when we were both going such vastly different circumstances in life. She went on to have an amazing career, hitting the dot com bubble at exactly the right time. She was getting 65K design jobs with 10K sign on bonuses and I was figuring out how to stretch $20 over two weeks while still buying diapers, formula, and something to eat! And yet, despite it all we only got closer. Now, a good 8 years after that, she is remarried, has an amazing husband, a beautiful house and a new little baby. She is getting to be a stay at home mom for the fisr time ever. I am the career minded one now. It is so strange how our lives are never on the tame track at the same time but we have so many similar experiences to relate to each other. I cannot wait to just sit in her ktichen, drinking coffee and talking and laughing until my jaw aches. We can make each other laugh that kind of doubled-over, stomach aching, tears streaming kind of laughing that makes you feel like you just had a great work out laugh. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She is the kind of best friend every woman needs in this life. Sunday can’t come fast enough.

Vacation is coming!

I have finished 3 packages that I put in the mail to my agent yesterday. The four paintings above included. Yay!! I finished a 100 page book layout, cover design, program, 2 sculptures, 3 paintings and only have a 16 page magazine layout and 2 brochures and one festival on Saturday before I get to go on vacation on Sunday!!! I am going to see my best friend in the whole world for 5 whole days!! No work, kids, husband, dogs, nada! Am I excited??? Hooooooboy am I !!!!!! First vacation in so long I don’t even remember!

New on EBAY

Well my last two items sold! You can imagine there was a fear that NO ONE will bid on my art! But people did and great deals were to be had! I can tell who the two winners were and I am THRILLED with the happy homes that my pups are going to! (No kidding, I feel like I am sending my own dogs to live somewhere else! How weird am I??) I have to admit I had second thoughts about listing Miss Coco for sale, and her new owner did, in fact, get a fabulous deal. But I truly know my lovely Coco is going to a home that will love her as much as I do. And I daresay weiner dog was purchased for a gift from the buyer. I follow her weblog regularly and I know she has a weiner dog lover in her life!

So here is my newest auction. Look for another later today as well! Happy bidding!

New Stuff…

Happy Friday! Here is some new art I have done to send to the shows in NYC with my agent. I wish I could just paint scenes like this everyday all day long….It would be so lovely….Ah, snap back to reality! Time to go format a 100 page book as it will pay my car payment that is due today!

And don’t forget! My ebay auctions end today! Prices are truly a bargain! Good homes needed for two cute pooches!!

lovely air…

I love this time of year. That small window of time right before the mesquitos come. When I describe the air as having no temperature. It is not hot, not cold. Perfect. Perfect for having my coffee on the porch in the morning with the dogs chasing squirrels, laying out on a blanket with my dogs next to me in the afternoon (did that yesterday) or sitting on the porch in the evening after the kids go to bed with a nice merlot and the dogs lazing at my feet. (Note the common thread in all those! lol!)

I have had such an amazing past 5 days. On Thursday I painted at Cafe Tu Tu Tango I painted on the patio from 7pm – 11pm. I talked to so many wonderful people about my art. It was so much fun and I sold two paintings right off the sidewalk. Bonus! The restaurant will carry my paintings and they only take a very small commission if something sells when I am not there and I get it all when I am there. And I get paid in restaurant money that I can use for dates witht he hubby! Plus the other artists there were so super friendly and sweet, not to mention the terrific staff!

Then Saturday I had a festival and that was fabulous. I sold three more paintings plus a sculpture and got some commissions. Plus I met this terrific 10 year old boy that was visiting from Ireland. He asked me all about my work and bought one of my small paintings. I could have listened to that Irish accent for hours! I promised I would paint his dog for free if he sent me a picture from Dublin because then I could say I had my first overseas commission!

Then Monday I went to Egleston’s Children’s Hospital and talked about my art and set up an activity for the kids. I showed them lots of my paintings and was secretly (ok, not so secretly) thrilled when they went the most crazy over my book illustrations! I made coloring book type outlines of some dogs and cats and they got to color a picture any way they liked. They had fantastic imaginations and were truly an amazing bunch of kids. I knew some of them were not feeling well at all, but you would not have known it. It was such a wonderful experience and I was thrilled when they asked me to come back at the end. I loved meeting all those kids and I thanked God on the way home that I have such healthy children, and thanked him that there are amazing facilities filled with loving, caring people to take care of my kids if they ever did get sick.

Then last night Tu Tu Tango asked me to cpome back again! I sold another painting and met even more great people! I am tired from all the go-go going, but still on a high from it all! The rest of the week is me getting all my new art together for my agent in New York so that she has all my current stuff for the two big shows in NYC in May and June. She was really excited by my new art and I am hoping that these new shows bring in some licensing deals.

I am so very grateful for my good fortune these past few days and I have to say once again, I would do this for free if I could. The money I do make is such a bonus. Life can be so beatiful when you let it.


Ok, I am finally going to try this out. Lots of other artists have told me it is a great tool and great advertising. I am going to be auctioning off certain paintings and sculptures in the next few days. Today I am starting with a 16×20 painting of an Australian Shepard. (Some of you might remember her as Coco, a sweet dog we had for about a week, but didn’t like Lucy at all so we could not keep her.) You can also see the new style of art I am making that has sold really well this past weekend. It is acrylic on wood with a high gloss finish. I am starting all auctions out at just 99 cents! Imagine the deals! Click on the pic of Coco or weiner dog to get to my first ever auctions.

I had a fantastic weekend at my festival and also painted at a restaurant that features artists painting and creating all night long while people dine. It was amazing and I sold two paintings right off the sidewalk! I got to paint outside and met and talked to lots of fun and friendly people. I will give you more details when I have the new dates I will be there! hopefully some local people can come out and meet me! Ok, go and check out my ebay auctions!

sighs of contentment…

Something must be in the air these days. It happens time and time again. I find that when I am going through something, so many others I know and care about are going through the same thing too. I have been noticing a similar theme in many of the blogs I read.

Lately I have been feeling content, unusually content, for me. Most of the time I am plotting, thinking, making notes, having ideas just bubbling up out of me that often I get overwhelmed and frustated when I can’t make my dreams (which are so clear and concise in my head) a reality NOW. But lately, lately a calm is over me. Now when I see someone else doing what I want to do I am happy for them. I am not getting jealous and thinking, “Why not me?” Instead I have been able to accept that my time for all these things will come – in the time they are meant to. Freelance design work has been pouring in and I am thrilled for it. It means I still get to work from home, pay bills and be with my family. I still have painting orders coming in, just a bit slower right now than most times, but that in turns means I can paint more for myself (see previous entry) I am getting together work to send to my licensing agent for 2 big shows coming up and am waiting to hear from publishers regarding my book. And honestly, regarding that, I am just hoping I get some postive critiques with my rejection letter. I am not setting myself up for that one!

And another REALLY exciting thing going on, that I mentioned a few posts back is something I am really proud of. Proud of because it has been swimming around in my head fo a year now and I finally did something about it. I called a local children’s hostpital and asked if I could come show my art to the kids and talk about my work and being an artist. The reception I got to this idea was amazing. I got called right away and was told how excited they were that I wanted to do this. One April 19th I will be talking to about 25 kids and showing them my art and bringing them the message that you are an artist if you believe you are. Simple as that. It doesn’t take a degree, or a class, or someone designating you one, but just knowing in your heart that you are one. We all are artist. Deep down we all know that, we just might be scared to admit it.

And if I was so busy marketing and being crazy with ideas I might not have made that phone call to the hospital. I would have kept putting it off. But I didn’t. I listened to that small voice inside me that said it was ok to follow where life was leading me and slow down. Contrary to what I have been believeing, life won’t pass me by. Life has definite plans for me and the only way I will miss out is if I keep ignoring that voice and trying to force life to go the way I demand it to go. Guess I had it backwards all along. Letting go of control feels so, so good. I hope I can remember this feeling when I decide my career is not going the way I want fast enough.

Pretty kitty….

Here is a design I made for a tee- shirt. I created it for an organization called Meows Without Moms, a rescue group for kittens whose mama’s didn’t make it. I am always willing to help out a good cause!

Also, to everyone who asked for a Lloyd print, they were mailed out today! I was so happy that everyone liked Lloyd and his message. I am working on a bunch of new prints that I will be selling online and at my festivals. The little meow above will be included too! Check my main site soon to see all my new prints for sale!