what makes me happy

So I am doing lots of freebies lately. Free tee shirt designs, free logos, free prints….they fill up my heart even if they don’t fill up my bank account. I have been having an unusual few weeks lately. I have had a bunch of onsite freelance work and normally by now I would be just aching to get out. (And to a small degree I am, it is a fantasticly gorgeous day outside and I can smell honeysuckle calling to me to take a long walk with my dogs.) But with all the free things and paintings of my own I have been doing lately, I am finding my heart very happy and fullfilled. Lately money has not been my motivation for creating and I am finding that much more satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I am still waiting for the world to discover my art, but I have accidentally stumbled onto a way to be satisfied until then. With each new email that comes in for someone wanting a Lloyd print I feel such joy. So many people have expressed that they are about to do something that takes courage and that this print is something that speaks to them. I love that. I really do.

There is one other thing that I will have more information on later today and it won’t make me one red cent. Not a dime. But it is something I have had in my mind to do for a year now. I finally had the courage to write an email to put it into action this week. It is very, very exciting to me and I will tell you all about it when I know more. I am following my heart on this one and I know I will get so much more back than I give. So I will continue with the freelance for a while more and be able to do art that doesn’t stress me out if it does not make money. It is a nice feeling. I have no idea how long it will last, but I will bask in it now and enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me.

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