Ok, I am finally going to try this out. Lots of other artists have told me it is a great tool and great advertising. I am going to be auctioning off certain paintings and sculptures in the next few days. Today I am starting with a 16×20 painting of an Australian Shepard. (Some of you might remember her as Coco, a sweet dog we had for about a week, but didn’t like Lucy at all so we could not keep her.) You can also see the new style of art I am making that has sold really well this past weekend. It is acrylic on wood with a high gloss finish. I am starting all auctions out at just 99 cents! Imagine the deals! Click on the pic of Coco or weiner dog to get to my first ever auctions.

I had a fantastic weekend at my festival and also painted at a restaurant that features artists painting and creating all night long while people dine. It was amazing and I sold two paintings right off the sidewalk! I got to paint outside and met and talked to lots of fun and friendly people. I will give you more details when I have the new dates I will be there! hopefully some local people can come out and meet me! Ok, go and check out my ebay auctions!

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