lovely air…

I love this time of year. That small window of time right before the mesquitos come. When I describe the air as having no temperature. It is not hot, not cold. Perfect. Perfect for having my coffee on the porch in the morning with the dogs chasing squirrels, laying out on a blanket with my dogs next to me in the afternoon (did that yesterday) or sitting on the porch in the evening after the kids go to bed with a nice merlot and the dogs lazing at my feet. (Note the common thread in all those! lol!)

I have had such an amazing past 5 days. On Thursday I painted at Cafe Tu Tu Tango I painted on the patio from 7pm – 11pm. I talked to so many wonderful people about my art. It was so much fun and I sold two paintings right off the sidewalk. Bonus! The restaurant will carry my paintings and they only take a very small commission if something sells when I am not there and I get it all when I am there. And I get paid in restaurant money that I can use for dates witht he hubby! Plus the other artists there were so super friendly and sweet, not to mention the terrific staff!

Then Saturday I had a festival and that was fabulous. I sold three more paintings plus a sculpture and got some commissions. Plus I met this terrific 10 year old boy that was visiting from Ireland. He asked me all about my work and bought one of my small paintings. I could have listened to that Irish accent for hours! I promised I would paint his dog for free if he sent me a picture from Dublin because then I could say I had my first overseas commission!

Then Monday I went to Egleston’s Children’s Hospital and talked about my art and set up an activity for the kids. I showed them lots of my paintings and was secretly (ok, not so secretly) thrilled when they went the most crazy over my book illustrations! I made coloring book type outlines of some dogs and cats and they got to color a picture any way they liked. They had fantastic imaginations and were truly an amazing bunch of kids. I knew some of them were not feeling well at all, but you would not have known it. It was such a wonderful experience and I was thrilled when they asked me to come back at the end. I loved meeting all those kids and I thanked God on the way home that I have such healthy children, and thanked him that there are amazing facilities filled with loving, caring people to take care of my kids if they ever did get sick.

Then last night Tu Tu Tango asked me to cpome back again! I sold another painting and met even more great people! I am tired from all the go-go going, but still on a high from it all! The rest of the week is me getting all my new art together for my agent in New York so that she has all my current stuff for the two big shows in NYC in May and June. She was really excited by my new art and I am hoping that these new shows bring in some licensing deals.

I am so very grateful for my good fortune these past few days and I have to say once again, I would do this for free if I could. The money I do make is such a bonus. Life can be so beatiful when you let it.

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