New on EBAY

Well my last two items sold! You can imagine there was a fear that NO ONE will bid on my art! But people did and great deals were to be had! I can tell who the two winners were and I am THRILLED with the happy homes that my pups are going to! (No kidding, I feel like I am sending my own dogs to live somewhere else! How weird am I??) I have to admit I had second thoughts about listing Miss Coco for sale, and her new owner did, in fact, get a fabulous deal. But I truly know my lovely Coco is going to a home that will love her as much as I do. And I daresay weiner dog was purchased for a gift from the buyer. I follow her weblog regularly and I know she has a weiner dog lover in her life!

So here is my newest auction. Look for another later today as well! Happy bidding!

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