leavin’ on a jet plane….

Ok, well not until Sunday morning….but still. I managed to get to just about all the zealous, self-imposed deadlines I had. And I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I am a list nazi. I make em all day long, everyday. Then, when I can’t get to all of them (which would be physically impossible anyway!) I have a feeling of guilt at the end of the day. Why do I do this??? Why not just make a reasonable list? Why not make lists that I know I can do? Noooooo…..I must ask myself to do unrealistic amounts of work. I am the worst boss I have ever had. No one else ever made me work unitl midnight, 1, or 2am every night for 2 weeks in a row. No one else EVER made me multi-task like I do now. (well unless you count kids) But when I do demand so much of myself so much does get done. Even despite the things on the list that don’t get done – and in the back of my mind I do know the ones I can let slip – I am surprised at how much I can accomplish. But if I don’t make my list….I am like a lost puppy dog. My mind wanders, I end up cleaning the kitchen instead of finishing up that sculpture, I walk the dog instead of finishing up that logo, or I do the laundry…oh who am I kidding I don’t do laundry! ( hubby does that!) So in the end I love my lists. It is a love hate thing. You other list nazi’s get that. So while I didn’t get to a few things, I will feel really good about getting on that plane to Dallas on Sunday.

So after tomorrow’s festival I pack. I go see my best friend of 10 years and her new baby. (Ok, he is 18 months old now but he is new to me!) We met in art school. She is the kind of best friend that you know you will be friends with for the rest of your life despite distance, life’s rough times, or life’s good times. We are there for each other no matter what. I graduated art school 7 months pregnant. She was in the process of divorce, living alone with her two kids 3 and 5 years old in a tiny one bedroom apartment. I was in awe of her strength and we supported each other when we were both going such vastly different circumstances in life. She went on to have an amazing career, hitting the dot com bubble at exactly the right time. She was getting 65K design jobs with 10K sign on bonuses and I was figuring out how to stretch $20 over two weeks while still buying diapers, formula, and something to eat! And yet, despite it all we only got closer. Now, a good 8 years after that, she is remarried, has an amazing husband, a beautiful house and a new little baby. She is getting to be a stay at home mom for the fisr time ever. I am the career minded one now. It is so strange how our lives are never on the tame track at the same time but we have so many similar experiences to relate to each other. I cannot wait to just sit in her ktichen, drinking coffee and talking and laughing until my jaw aches. We can make each other laugh that kind of doubled-over, stomach aching, tears streaming kind of laughing that makes you feel like you just had a great work out laugh. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She is the kind of best friend every woman needs in this life. Sunday can’t come fast enough.

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