Loverly day….

Today is a wonderfully drearie day. The kind where porch sitting with husband, coffee and dogs is likely to steal my morning work hours if I am not careful. (or if I am careful….) After today I will be caught back up to my deadlines and schedules. The week was more than eventful with a fair share of catastrophes that I hope have filled my quota for at least a few months. But things seem back on task. And hopefully the storm coming from Texas will not cancel the festival I have stayed up late painting for each night this week. But if it does, I need all the art to hang on the restaurant wall and give to the boutique anyway. Plus there will be a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ up on ebay later today. Something brand new that is really cute and really fun. Look later for that.

In other exciting news The Surtex Show is beginning on Sunday and all my new art is there to hopefully catch the eye of lots of people. My posters turned out great and I wish I could be there, but I justed up my travel points for a while. Hopefully some good news will come soon!

And finally Miss Kate is getting a puppy! Cutums, smooshems, lovems! Go read all about it! Can’t wait to see the ‘baby’ pics! Congrats new mama!!! I think I have the perfect baby gift for you!

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