what physical law is this?

How come when one gets extra money (and I mean extra in the very liberal sense of the word here, it is money that is actually meant for very patient people I owe money) that is the exact moment your car begins to have trouble? Huh? WHY? I mean, c’mon! And this isn’t the kind of slight squeak you can ignore for a little bit, oh no. This is the kind of chug, chug, where you KNOW the car is most certainly going to die right here at this stop sign kinda thing. The kinda thing you know you better not drive one 10th of a foot longer than you have to. The kinda thing that you drop off the car and walk home in the rain kinda chug, chug. Boo….So first I have to go cash checks then drop the car off then walk home. The walk home is short, not bad. It is the rain part where you can feel sorry for me. Oh well. But really there must be a directly proportional relationship. The higher the amount of money in your pocket, the higher the probability of car trouble. Ah well, that’s life, right? And I get to paint a door design all day long today and that makes me pretty darn happy. And painting a door while sipping coffee and listening to the rain while the dogs lounge at my feet? Well, there is a little slice of heaven. Well, see? Now I don’t feel so bad. Money shmoney. Who needs it? I got my paint, you can have my car today. And my money….

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