It is time to simplify.I have too much going on. Too many irons in the fire. I am completely overwhelmed and I can feel invisible balls falling all around me. The fact that it is almost 4am and I am up early to finish a freelance job before I go to another freelance job and have to do yet another freelance job tonite is pretty good evidence that I do not have things under control. Commissions, design work at home and onsite, painting at a restaurant once a week, trying to keep new art in a boutique…. It is just too much. I am not sure what simplifying means at this moment in time, but I have been getting signs from all over that I have to declutter my life. Maybe it means taking time off from my art and getting a full time job and enjoying the absolute simpleness that would mean. Right now I feel I am doing too many things and none of them well enough. It is not my work that is lacking, but the details. Forgetting to follow up that commission with an email. Forgetting to take a picture of the last (5!!) commissions I have done. Forgetting to mail the check for the festival, forgetting to drop off the bios to the boutique…that kind of stuff. Hey, I love multi-tasking, but this is ridiculous. Throw financial hardship into the mix (my husband is currently unemployed) and life is just loads of fun. I feel like my happiness button is in the “off” position and I need to get it back on. I may be taking a break from writing here. Maybe I won’t. Maybe this will be a good way to document the simplification process. I am hoping by putting this out there, out loud so to speak, I will put in motion what is meant to be. I am very confident that God has wonderful plans for me, but I have managed to muddle up my life so much that it is way too complex to see which path I am supposed to be on. Not being omnipotent myself, I have finally realized that I cannot be all things at all times. Ok, God, I am going to take stock and simplify until I can hear what you want me to do. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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