Lucy In the Square

Here is the door I painted for the Decatur Arts Festival. All doors got auctioned off the last day to raise money for the festival. Sophie and I walked up to the squre to watch the auction and enjoy the last hours of the way too hot day of the festival. It can be really nice to go see other artists instead of be one of them every once in a while. the change in perspective is nice.

In other news I am kind of enjoying the lack of pressure with my painting. It feels weird not to be thinking of it every second of the day. Commissions are still coming in and I still have festivals to go to the rest of the summer, but I am not stressing about it. I paint at Tu Tu Tango Saturday nights and really, really enjoy that. I began a new painting last Saturday that I am really excited about. It is not a commission, it is just for me, and I had lots of people come up and ask about it. It felt really nice to not be painting for the purpose of selling. I applied for a few jobs last week, contacted 2 creative temp agencies and am seeing if any of that has some interesting possiblities. I have a feeling that this summer will be about change. And change brings growth, right? I am feeling much more my optimistic self these past few days after a huge pity party I threw for myself on Saturday. But really, a good cry is like a great thunderstorm. You feel all fresh and renewed afterward. Life is an adventure, and I guess you just have to be willing to go with it all the hills and valleys that come with it.

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